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Unfortunately, the on-line version of My Career Plan (Junior) will not be available this year. Please contact Goalline Careers directly for any queries.

1. My Career Plan for Juniors
The NZ standard for Y10 students
Master Copy PDF (2018 photocopying licence)
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Pre-printed workbooks (While stocks last)
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2. My Career Plan 2 for Seniors
Combines 3 US10781, 12383, 7121 (8 credits)
Master Copy PDF (2018 year photocopying licence)
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3. Career Decision-Making Workbook Master - Senior (Y12/13)
Answers the question - "What are you going to do when you leave school?"
Master Copy PDF (2018 year photocopying licence)
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4. Career Research & Presentation – Y11 English Units
Students complete a career research project combining English Achievement Standards 90853(1.9), 90053(1.5) & 90857(1.6) 10 Credits
*Master Copy PDF (2018 year photocopying licence)
Covers literacy requirements for NCEA L1
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5. The Goal Line Careers 5 in 1 Card Sort
ONLINE Goal Line Careers Card Sort - Access for 1 year
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Paper version
Full Kit (includes all activity cards, 2 desk pads and Teachers Guide)
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Desk Pads (each)
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Card Sets (Values, Interests & Skills)
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Teacher Guide
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6. Students in the Workplace - Work Experience Folder & Assignment
A complete resource for Gateway/Work Experience
CombinesUS 543 & 10780 (6 Credits)
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7. Options Evening PowerPoint Presentation to Parents
(Emailed and personalized - editable)
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8. Management Document
Complete management document and programme suggestions - editable
Includes policy statements, etc (Emailed and personalised)
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